Enough stuckness. Let's find your person!
Say goodbye to wondering if there's any point in trying. Become a dating expert. Start going on great dates.

Write your love story!

How long are you gonna keep struggling, lovely?

Listen, I've been there. I get it 100%! For months you've been:

  • Messaging: sending messages to matches and not getting any responses -- and dealing with boring, scammer, and just WEIRD messages from DTFJohn and all his cousins when you do hear from someone
  • Struggling: trying to deal with emotional burnout, paralysis -- or just simply getting started
  • Doubting: wondering why you keep meeting all the wrong people, and whether this whole dating thing could POSSIBLY work for you
  • Trying: doing everything you can to attract the right person, to push through anxiety and uncertainty, and not quite knowing how to get to where you want to be

So how about you just...stop! 

Stop messaging out into the ether and getting no replies. Stop struggling to do this on your own. Stop doubting the process...and yourself!

And most of all, stop trying, and trying, and trying to do this all by yourself.

Dating is a set of skills, lovely, and you need 'em. But more than that, you need support.

You need someone who'd done this before, who's walked this road, and who's absolutely, 100% GOT. YOUR. BACK.

Because I want you to stop. To regroup. To get the skills, the confidence, and the support you need.

And then? I want you to start again, refreshed, and armed with every single thing you need to find your person in 2019.

"I met my amazing boyfriend through OKCupid. I never would have signed up for it if it hadn't been for Krista."
-- Curvy Cupid Course student who met her partner!
Don't you dare
give up.
Don't you dare
do this all alone.
Make sure some
magnificent person
gets to have YOU
in their life!
"Make sure you’re using all your resources, tapping into all your resources.
Curvy Cupid was excellent for me!"
-- Curvy Cupid Course student who met her partner!
Profile Photo Perfection
Learn how to take amazing profile photos that get you noticed by the right people!
Filling Out Your Profile!
Learn how to write your profile so that it reflects who you are and attracts the right matches!
Messaging Matches
Learn how to send flirty, connection-building messages that lead to first dates!
Setting Up the First Date!
Get all the skills you need to ace the first date -- even if you're shy, anxious, or a total introvert!
Dating App Hacks
Get the inside scoop on how to make OKCupid and other dating apps work!
Body-Positive Sex!
Get the confidence and certainty you need to take your new relationship to the next step!
Confidence Skills
Master the skills and lifestyle habits that get you feeling
great in your skin!
All the Wrong People!
Master all the ways of managing scammers, creeps, and people who are just looking to hook up! 
Don't Stop Believing
Master all the dating skills and habits you'll need to keep going til you find your person!
Everything you need to start meeting the RIGHT people!
  • Take Immediate Action - Start with the most important steps so that you get immediate results and start feeling some momentum building right away! 
  • Overcome Shyness​- Find ways to start fighting the social anxiety that's keeping you from putting yourself out there!
  • Connect with the Right People​- Learn how to message and respond to ONLY the right kind of matches for you -- and how to find them in the first place!
  • Ask Questions and Get Answers​- Feeling stuck and not sure how to break through? I'm here to help! You can always shoot me an email or request a coaching call to get you back on track!
"Without this course I would never have met my lovely girlfriend! I couldn't have found her and had the courage to ask her out, without you."
-- Curvy Cupid Course student who met her partner!
Full List of Lessons
  • Lesson 1: Photo shoots!!!
  • Lesson 2: Setting up your profile!
  • Lesson 3: Filling out your profile!
  • Lesson 4: Dating app hacks!
  • Lesson 5: How to search by match question!
  • Lesson 6: Messaging matches!
  • Lesson 7: Exposures for messaging matches!
  • Lesson 8: Setting up the first date!
  • Lesson 9: Confidence skills!
  •  Lesson 10: Confidence lifestyle!
  • Lesson 11: Becoming successfully shy!
  • Lesson 12: Motivation!
  • Lesson 13: Organization!
  • Lesson 14: Managing rejection!
  • Lesson 15: When you meet all the wrong people!
  • Lesson 16: Making relationships work!
  • Lesson 17: Avoiding narcissists!
  •  Lesson 18: Body-positive sex!

"I am a 30-something single mom who never dated before the Curvy Cupid Course. I am no longer afraid, and have full confidence in how I conduct myself on a dating service for the first time. I don't think I would be where I am mentally without Curvy Cupid. Thank you so much!"

-- Megan, Curvy Cupid Course student
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Let’s break it all down one more time...
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​18 front-loaded lessons (front-loaded means you'll take IMMEDIATE action) that'll turn you into a dating pro in just four weeks
  • ​Help with: taking the perfect profile photos, filling out your profile, writing hooks, using the secret dating-app hacks that no tells you about, writing magical messages that get responses, setting up the first date, building confidence, overcoming shyness, dealing with the scammers and fetishists -- and so much more!
  • ​More message responses, more matches to choose from, more confidence and certainty that you're doing everything you need to do!
And with the Curvy Cupid Course,
 you get all of that for...
3 easy payments
Six Monthly Payments
  • 18 Dating Expertise Master Classes
  • Feedback from Krista on Every Action Step
  • Help When You Get Stuck
  • A Dating App Profile Review
pay in full
591 $497
Save $94 when you pay in full!
  • 18 Dating Expertise Master Classes
  • Feedback from Krista on Every Action Step
  • Help When You Get Stuck
  • A Dating App Profile Review
  • Save $94 When You Pay In Full!
If I hadn't taken this course I probably never would have found the courage and the strength to assert myself in the world and express my desires in a lover and a partner and demand that my potential matches meet those standards or they need not apply. Thank you so much for coming along just in time!
Malecka - Curvy Cupid Student
Once you get added into the course, you immediately have the support you need to transform your dating journey! This course is a must! If you want to take control of your dating life this is the route to go! Good luck lovelies!
Jasmine - Curvy Cupid Student
What if I'm REALLY shy? Will the course work for me?
I'm so glad you're considering the course, lovely! Now, you may not believe it, but there was a time when I was the shyest person I knew. Like, social anxiety through the roof. And I started studying it thanks to an interesting course in undergrad, and what I found was that it was something you can work on! That's where the 10 weeks of support come in -- let me help you find ways to become successfully shy. That's what I found worked for me -- not getting so that I was an extrovert or NOT shy, so much as that I was a successfully shy introvert.
How does the Curvy Cupid Course differ from the free mini courses you offer?
Well, I'm a huge believer in making sure all women have access to the information they need to be successful in dating. And I've had many students of the free courses reach out to let me know that they found their partners based only on the information provided in the free materials! So that's huge. But if you're like me and you like to really DIG IN to the material, and then you need some support and accountability to actually turn information into results, that's where the Curvy Cupid Course comes in. With complex, difficult, and long term projects like dating, it can be really useful to have support from a guide.
What if I'm not in the US? Will the Curvy Cupid Course still work for me?
A lot of the principles we teach are simply universal dating skills, so yes, my sense is that you'll be able to apply all the info to the dating app options available in your country. And if you have questions, I'm happy to problem solve any issues you run into that are unique to your situation. So I'd say go for it! Let's make dating work for you!
I'm queer and poly, will the course work for me?
I'm queer too, lovely, and my partner is a masc/nonbinary gal! Welcome! And absolutely, the course principles apply no matter who you're looking to date. Trans folks, queer folks, nonbinary folks are all warmly welcomed. We don't specifically address polyamory here, so this might not quite be the course for you if you're looking for specific info about poly dating, but if you feel like you need some of the basic dating skills and principles and some help and support getting started, jump on in!
What's the refund policy?
I'd never want you to be unhappy with the course!! If you get started and see that it's not for you, just request a refund within 1 week (7 days) of purchase and I'll go ahead and grant you a full refund. Now here's the catch: I'm gonna need to see that you completed the work and that you fully dug into the material. Take screen shots of your profile show me you've been taking the material and plugging it into your dating approach, and it STILL hasn't been working for you, and the refund is all yours. The thing with dating is that it 100% doesn't work if you put in zero effort. So I wanna see your effort, lovely!
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